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Hello, I'm Glad You are here!

I am Azula, and I am a Phoenix lifestyle photographer specializing in children, family, maternity, newborn, and senior photography. I am also obsessed with creative photography. I have a pocket full of ideas. 

I was born in one of the coldest places on Mother Earth, Magadan, Russia, but Arizona I call Home. I  married my  best friend and  soulmate in 2012 and we have two adorable kiddos. We live in Chandler, AZ, and absolutely love the diversity the state provides us. Before my husband proposed to me, he took me caving and we descended 100 feet into a cave on rope (later he admitted it was his way to learn if I trusted him) and explored for several hours. There are many beautiful hiking spots throughout the state that we have explored from Mt. Lemmon to the Grand Canyon. So far, my favorite is Picacho Peak and absolute winner is the trail to Havasupai Falls. I am also scuba certified and  still remember that feeling when seeing a shark for the first time (both - magnificent and frightened).

My passion for photography ( I have my camera in my hands 90% of a day) and the love of children has allowed me to capture special moments that tell a story. I love to capture natural action and genuine emotion. I believe that family portraiture should be enjoyable, showing your unconditional love, and celebrating who you are right now. My top priority is to give you all of the attention from the point of contacting me to the delivery of your photographs. My credo is to engage my subject and an idea. Beauty, Creativity, Love and Quality are important essentials in my work. Photography has brought a lot of interesting people into my life, and the bonus is many families ( I don't like the word "Client" ) have become my friends.  

Come celebrate your life with me, whether you're from Arizona or visiting this beautiful state. We have so much to be grateful for.

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